The 30 Minute Full Body Stretch Routine for the Busy Office Worker

Quick Full Body Stretch

These days, life is busier and more stressful than ever. With so much on our plate, it can be hard to take care of ourselves properly. Many people who work in an office can find it difficult to remember to look away from the computer screen. If you are all tensed up from bending over the keyboard and always craning your neck to answer emails, then you are in luck. These five full body stretch techniques will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way, while also be a way to improve flexibility and range of motion!


1) Get Your Blood Pumping a Little

This is doubly important if you have just woken up or have been sitting in a chair for too long. It is the same idea as for when you stare at a computer screen for too long and take a break by focusing on something else. You need to loosen up a little before you stretch. Getting your muscles warmed up before stretching will loosen stiff muscles, making you more limber.  Depending on the space you are in either do a few jumping jacks, toe touches, and windmills. These will get you ready and have your blood flowing throughout your body.

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2) Standing Side Stretch

Nothing beats this one. With your arms skywards and hands clasped together, inhale as you reach as high as you can upward. Exhale as you gradually bend your arms and torso to the left and take five deep, slow breaths. Slowly come back to center and repeat on the other side. Do this full set three times. There are many variations of a side stretch, and they all have similar benefits. Side stretches are one of the ways to lengthen the muscles between the ribs and the pelvis. This is why we see these types of stretches in yoga. Sometimes these muscles get neglected during your stretching routine. Have your stretching practitioner assist you with this if you feel like you need a better stretch.


3) Lower Back Stretch

Sitting at a computer screen for too long without moving can leave you feeling stiff and achy. Many of us forget to move around just because we want to get through our day. If you are suffering from lower back pain, then there are a few options that may help relieve your frustration. Moreover, doing something simple like a lower back stretch will improve your posture and circulation. These are just a few benefits of back stretching. You’ll want a yoga mat or at least some carpeting for this move. Lie down on the ground and turn your head towards the right and twist your lower body to the left. Stretch your right arm out. Exhale and repeat on the other side. This is a good one to play around with a little and do additional steps as well as crossing your legs before your twist your lower body. If not done carefully you will be at risk of injuring your back. Assisted stretching can help you out especially if you are still feeling stiff.


4) The Runner’s Stretch

Who needs flexibility more than runners? This is a good one because we all know it, but there are some things you can do to maximize its efficacy. Leg stretches can lead to a whole wide range of benefits which include reducing leg cramps. Stretching, in general, is an excellent way to reduce cramps, which is why your health coach always recommends it.

Begin with your right foot forward and sink down into a lunge making sure your fingertips are touching the floor. The critical point is to focus on is straightening the back leg as much as you can. Then slowly return to the original position and change sides. You want to repeat this three to four times. And remember, just because it’s a runner’s stretch doesn’t mean it’s about speed! Take your time and go slow.

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5) The Assisted Stretch

You can’t do everything alone and funnily enough that even includes fully stretching your own body! If you want a deep and active stretch, then you are going to need a partner. Assisted stretching has been around for a while, and there are so many different examples of fantastic assisted stretches. Best of all, they require less time because they are more focused. Assisted stretching has many proven benefits and will leave you feeling relaxed especially after a long day. One example is the partner hamstring stretch where one person lies on the ground, and the other person gradually pushes the other person hamstring towards the supine individual’s head. Nothing beats it.

Only a Few Examples

If you want to beat those two o’clock blues, then you need to shake it up and stretch it out. These exercises are just the beginning. For a perfect full body stretch, nothing beats having a trained professional help you get the most out of your session. It’s quick and will recharge your batteries so you can do better at work and feel more rested and relaxed at home.


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