Five Ways to Be Healthier Without Dieting – Hint, It Includes Stretching

Taking care of yourself isn’t a once-in-a-while thing. It’s an everyday thing, and bad habits are easy traps to fall into if you’re not careful. While it’s nice to think that chugging a green smoothie or sweating it out with the latest trendy workout will do the trick, there really is no “one size fits all” approach to living a healthy life. Healthy living is different for all of us, depending on our unique situations and interests. However, here are some basic habits that everyone can adopt for a more balanced life.


Some of the best health habits you can form don’t require much time or effort. They just take awareness and consistency. What you put in your body is arguably the best place to start since it’s fuel and hydration that will sustain you throughout the day. While there are numerous diet plans out there, there is no one plan that should be recommended over the rest since no two people are the same and everyone will react differently to what they consume. Instead of focusing only on what you eat, the first and foremost place to start is by being mindful of what you drink.

The only thing you need to be drinking is water, at least 11 cups per day. Hydration levels can have an effect on your mood, energy level, and ability to think clearly. Plus, dehydration can be mistaken for hunger and the cause of unwanted headaches. Not only is hydration extremely important for your body to function, but it works for any diet and lifestyle. Water is the most basic common denominator for all body types and eating styles. Why drink a 200-calorie juice with sugar when you can have a 0-calorie glass of water?


While decluttering your home or office is not a new concept, the health benefits associated with it are starting to come out more. Psychologists have recently associated decluttering with improved health, as it reduces anxiety, improves sleep, and can remove harmful toxins from the air. Cluttered spaces are a minefield that can quickly overstimulate our senses, leading to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Take the time over the course of a month of weekends to declutter your home. That ability to cull items and add organization can provide a fresh start in your home. If you want to take it a step further, wrap up your decluttering with a deep cleaning.

You can roll up your sleeves or splurge on a service as a reward. If you opt to hire someone, there are resources that can help you find a cleaning service near you. Brooklyn homeowners typically spend between $115 and $245 for a home cleaning, but it’s best to shop around for a fair price.

Get Insured

You can get insurance for just about anything in your life, but there is nothing more important to insure than you. Health insurance is primarily a preventative resource to use in the event of illness or injury or for bodily maintenance. With healthcare costs constantly rising, it can be easy to put off screenings and exams to avoid bills, but this can lead to major medical issues down the road. By reviewing your healthcare coverage and knowing what your plan offers, you can have a better idea of the available benefits, and feel assured about going in for routine checkups. For seniors on Medicare, it’s critical to keep up with your coverage or to look for alternative plans that provide for a variety of health screenings. If you need it and don’t have access to dental, vision or hearing care, look to Medicare Advantage plans like ones offered by Humana so you can get the right healthcare to live your best life. Regardless of age, everyone should take full advantage of health benefits. It’s money well spent!

Get Sleep

Getting enough sleep is critical for everyone. Sleep is when most of our growth hormones (HGH) are produced in our bodies and regeneration occurs, making it a vital function. Sleep deprivation can have a big impact on your ability to work, exercise and socialize, not to mention that lack of sleep can lead to a host of health issues. While everyone can function on different amounts of sleep, don’t get caught up trying to set a goal for a certain number of hours What matters is knowing your body and adjusting accordingly, even if that means finding 20 minutes a day for a cat nap.

Get A Good Stretch In

Stretch Station advises these 4 great stretches before bed to ensure a good night’s rest and proper restoration of muscle elasticity. Loosening up before sleeping allows the body to relax fully and get the full advantage of a good nights sleep.

Taking care of yourself and your health is vital and doesn’t require drastic life-altering changes. It can be as simple as drinking a glass of water instead of a cup of juice, recycling old mail correspondence on your desk, or taking an afternoon power nap. Small steps and simple changes can help you jumpstart an improved version of you.

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