assisted stretching

About Stretch Affect

Most of us quite simply don’t stretch enough, and when we do, we often don’t do it safely and in the most effective way. Realizing this is a problem that affects so many of us, a group of sports medicine health and fitness professionals came together to develop a revolutionary solution. They perfected a series of stretches that are amazingly effective at maximizing the normal joint range of motion, relieving musculoskeletal pain, and lessening resting muscle tension.

What People Are Saying

“Chris and Kyle came to our office and provided some personalized adjustments & muscle release. It was very helpful to learn what specific stretches and steps I can take for the imbalances I’ve collected from working & desk job & also from doing my favorite hobbies like backpacking & rock climbing. One stretch in particular for my wrist has actually lead to less pain and discomfort on a daily basis. Thanks guys!”
Jason W.

A Stretching Solution

People often complain that stretching is a difficult and unpleasant task. Stretch Affect solves that problem! Through a carefully developed system of full body stretching, utilizing stabilizing support systems, and manually assisted stretching, we are able to provide you with an amazingly comfortable stretching experience like you’ve never had before. It will leave you relaxed and more flexible with an improved pain-free range of motion in your back, neck, trunk, shoulders, and extremities.

assisted stretching

Tailored to Your Mobility Needs

Each stretch is one on one, it’s personalized, and tailored specifically to your goals and needs. There are many benefits to assisted stretching, including: faster healing from injuries, improved posture, enhanced awareness of proper body positioning and mechanics, better sports performance, and a significant reduction or even elimination of pain!

Stretching to Fix Common Problems

Common problems like chronic back or neck pain, shoulder tightness, and pain, degenerative arthritis, sports injuries, overuse soreness, poor posture, or simply the age-related loss of flexibility are all positively addressed by this method of assisted body stabilization combined with the series of passive stretches.

assisted stretching
assisted stretching

Experience Full Body Stretching

Don’t let the natural tendency of your muscles and joints to become stiff and tight determine your fate. Experience the wonderful feeling of a full-body stretch. The benefits are noticeable right away, leaving you wanting to take advantage of this method for your ongoing health and well-being.