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About us

Stretch Affect is a premium Movement Health Company based in San Diego. We work with motivated individuals who choose to take control of their life by learning how to reduce pain, move well, and dominate their activities of choice. We’re proud to have such a wonderful local and virtual community of members who push themselves and each other. Our mission is to help people understand the importance of self-care and how it will benefit them and their loved ones.

Chris Wilke

Chris Wilke co-founded Stretch Affect to inspire those who, like him, want to live their best life and show up as their best self for their friends and loved ones. Chris emboldens extraordinary humans to stretch, grow and thrive through a movement-based lifestyle. His goal with Stretch Affect is to create an environment where achievers are empowered with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel at sport and life.

While many measure health in miles covered, or races run, as a movement health practitioner Chris guides his clients to become the best version of themselves through a more holistic definition of wellness that includes joint health, quality movement and a daily practice of movement hygiene and body self-care. Through this approach he imparts to his clients an understanding of how to keep their body pain-free, and living their best life.

When we move well, we live well.




Kyle Valery

Kyle Valery co-founded Stretch Affect to help people implement healthy habits leading to lasting change.  Kyle’s interdisciplinary training and extensive experience provides his clients with a holistic approach to Movement Health encompassing nutrition, Active Release, manual therapy, psychology and fitness. 

High-achieving clients appreciate that Kyle demands the best not just from them, but from himself.  Stretch Affects programs are designed to only work, if the client does.  But for each client willing to work hard, Kyle opens up physical and mental channels that enable them to move better and live well. Kyle does so by embracing a growth-mindset, constantly learning, listening, asking and growing.  Through this quest for knowledge, Kyle is able to lean on science and technology to optimize his client’s success.