5 Benefits of Stretching After a Workout

How often do you stretch? Let’s be honest, after a workout, there are probably times you just head out of the gym because you can’t be bothered with it. Stretching is essential! Everybody knows that you should stretch after a workout, but not many of us actually know why it is such a good idea.

We are going to give you the top five benefits of stretching after a workout. That way, you will never be tempted to skip the stretch session afterwards and always take that essential little bit of time for your health.

1) Improved Athletic Performance

Stretching, has been for years, linked to better physical performance. It creates healthier, stronger muscles that are ready for even more challenging tasks. It also helps you improve your range of motion so you can get the pivotal extra inch necessary to make that free throw or hit those crucial extra few yards into the hole.

2) Better Muscle Tone

Most of us think that our workout is when we are really getting our muscles to look good. This is mostly true. But it is misleading. Stretching is in itself and kind of workout and helps your muscles not only recover quicker from strenuous sessions, but helps make them more toned and limber.

3) Eliminate Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is one of those terms we hear a lot, but might not know exactly what it is. Basically, it is a liquid that builds up in your muscles during heavy usage. You don’t need to know the science behind it, but what’s important is knowing that it is what causes soreness as well as cramps.

Stretching helps not only to reduce lactic acid, but prevents its build up in the future so that these problems become a thing of the past!

4) Increased Blood Circulation

When have you ever heard increased blood circulation to be a bad thing? Intense exercise tends to make your blood stay in one area. This is why you may sometimes experience discomfort or even light-headedness when working out.

One of the best benefits of stretching after a workout is getting the blood to circulate all over your body so you feel fresh, clear, and your muscles can start the recovery process.

5) Mental Benefits

A stretch session is a time for you to cool down and relax a little. It allows you to shift from exercise mode back to normal and this is a great time for you to unwind and take it easy. Think about why yoga is so popular. It is really a time for you to be in the moment and this time will help your body release more endorphins aka the feel-good chemical.

Get the Best Health

Now that you know the many incredible benefits of stretching after a workout, you need to know the best way to do it. Nothing beats going to a stretching center. Here you can work with a professional who can help you target your problem areas and help you find the best stretches and techniques to help you not only recover from your workouts quicker, but also help you achieve total physical health.

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