Focus on the ROI of Reducing Workman’s Comp Claims

full body stretch workout
full body stretch workout

Maximize the Health and Wellness of Your Employees

Stretch Affect Corporate Fitness Solutions provides companies with comprehensive soft tissue therapy to reduce on the job injuries, workers compensation costs, and insurance claims. Many employees suffer from conditions related to on-the-job activities, like headaches, back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome just to name a few. These conditions are often a result of overused muscles.

Stretch Affect for Your Business

Stretch Affect utilizes soft tissue massages and stretching protocols that treat underlying problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. This combination of specialized massage and stretching helps relieve tight muscles and nerve trigger points, minimizing joint stress and muscular pains.

full body stretch workout
full body stretch workout
  • Reduce worker’s compensation claims by 50-80%
  • Fix 70% soft tissue conditions in 4 sessions or less
  • Expert Therapists utilize our system of assessment, active tissue release, corrective stretching and movement programming to solve issues for good

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The Process

The process begins with a Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and hands-on active palpation to evaluate the tissue for abnormal texture, movement, and function. Once the specific muscle, ligament, or nerve path is identified, we perform Active Release Techniques or Functional Range Conditioning to alleviate the condition.

Stretch Affect delivers on-site care to businesses who want to help treat their employee’s pains before developing into something more serious. We service 3 employees an hour (20 min per treatment session).

Our Corporate Programs

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Every Two Weeks


Perfect opportunity to have a detailed analysis of your aches and pains… and get results quickly! Each participant gets to know our trainers persnally, where each of them will have things to actively work on. 

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Why Should You Invest in ARTⓇ Corporate Fitness Solutions?


Alleviate the pain and discomfort for your employees or help eliminate the minor aches that have not yet progressed into a full-on injury.


Our highly-trained, licensed therapists address employee concerns and problem areas that directly impact your productivity output.


An extensive wellness program incentivizes, attracts, and retains diligent employees.


Every approach is unique to an individual’s needs. Different movements allow us to correct the problems faced in an employee’s life.

Common Workplace Issues Treated Using Active Release Technique

  • Headaches

  • Back Pain

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Shin Splints

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Knee Problems

What People Are Saying

“I highly recommend Stretch Station in Liberty Station. I have found flexibility exercises and my range of motion has improved immensely in just a few short months. I walk for exercise everyday and the same 4 miles is much easier. Little things like turning your neck to look back while driving is no longer a chore. After a 30 minute full body stretch workout I actually feel revitalized and full of energy. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel healthy and younger.”
Richard C.
“Stretch Station has changed my life! Prior to being introduced to the assisted stretching techniques at Stretch Station I had extreme tightness in my back, shoulders and legs on a daily basis. While I am pretty active for someone who is 65 years old, I still found that soreness and tension were holding me back from getting the most out of my workouts and athletic pursuits. The competent and friendly staff at Stretch Station have helped me improve my range of motion and has minimized the general full body soreness I often felt after cycling or a gym session. I am a firm believer in their program and I highly recommend it to all my friends, both young and “mature”, who are interested in maximizing their athletic skills and abilities. You can’t go wrong by giving it a try!”
Tom B.
full body stretch workout

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