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Flexibility 101: Benefits of Passive Stretching

There are two kinds of stretching: passive and dynamic. Passive stretching is what we do when we put our foot up against the wall to stretch out the hamstrings or something similar to that. Dynamic

Increase Endurance: 5 Tips for Gaining Flexibility Through Stretching

Many people who work out on a regular basis are failing to receive the full benefits of training simply because they neglect to stretch or they don’t stretch properly. Gaining flexibility is critical to maximizing

Stretching Vs Yoga — Understanding the Differences

Although stretching and yoga have a few overlaps, they are two very different practices. For this reason, they have separate roles to play in your fitness routine. To determine when is the appropriate time for

5 Benefits of Stretching After a Workout

How often do you stretch? Let’s be honest, after a workout, there are probably times you just head out of the gym because you can’t be bothered with it. Stretching is essential! Everybody knows that