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Your Lumbar Spine and How to Take Care of It

Depending on your age and lifestyle, lower back woes can arise seemingly out of nowhere. While it may take time to diagnose back pain, there are steps you can take to keep your lumbar spine

Let’s Get Real About How Self-Care Works

Marketers would love for us to believe self-care is about treating ourselves to things like expensive chocolates, wine, and bubble baths. Their message is, “you do so much, you deserve these products.” It’s easy to

The Epidemic of Back Pain in the Corporate Business World

The American Chiropractic Association estimates that back pain is responsible for 264 million lost workdays per year in the US alone. That’s the equivalent of two workdays for every full-time employee! Additionally, estimates suggest that

4 Assisted Stretching Benefits for an Endurance Athlete

Right, so you are heading off to your chosen health practitioner to indulge in your assisted stretching benefits program. Great idea! First, join us while we delve a little deeper into this fascinating topic. This

4 Trending Chiropractor Alternative Methods

Chiropractic treatments for mechanical disorders of the spine may work, especially where shoulders, vertebrae, and hips become deranged. However, the manipulative therapy can be invasive and in some cases leave permanent side effects. If we

How Do You Get Rid of Lower Back Pain?

Would it surprise you to know that 4/5 of Americans have the inconvenience of back pain and it has a lot to do with the lifestyle? The problem begins with us not being allowed to